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Princess Eugenie Is Getting Married Tomorrow And The Royal Family Twitter Account Got Her Fiancé's Name Wrong

Princess Eugenie is set to wed *checks notes* Jack Brooksbank in Windsor tomorrow.

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As you may know, Princess Eugenie is getting married on Friday.

Luiz Rampelotto / SIPA USA/PA Images

She will be marrying Jack Brooksbank in Windsor, at the same venue as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding.

Joe Giddens / PA Wire/PA Images

Ahead of the occasion, the royal family tweeted that members of the charities the couple support have been invited to their special day. Isn't that nice?

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Except the royal family Twitter account, which has 3.81 million followers, got Brooksbank's name wrong and called him "Mr. Jacksbrook". It took about 40 minutes before the tweet was deleted and reissued.

@RoyalFamily / Twitter

And in that time quite a few people noticed.

Think they mean Jack Brooksbank. Close enough.

It’s Jack Brooksbank, or Jacksbrook to his rapper crew 🤟

Interesting surname 😄

@RoyalFamily Mr Jacksbrook? Er....close...! 🤔

And in case you're interested in watching Princess Eugenie get married to her beau, Mr. Jacksbrook — sorry, Mr. Brooksbank — it will be aired on ITV1 tomorrow from 9:30am.

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BuzzFeed News has reached out to Buckingham Palace for comment.

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