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Prince Harry's Ex Went To His Wedding And Her Facial Expression Is Becoming A Meme

"When your ex gets married and you're at the wedding."

Chelsy Davy attended the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's wedding.

To refresh your memory, the Duke and Davy dated like nine years ago.

When Davy took her seat in the chapel people couldn't help but notice the expression on her face.

People remarked that they thought her being invited to the wedding quite funny.

And found her not being invited to the reception even funnier.

Harry’s ex’s got invited to the wedding but not the after-party? Man literally said, “come and watch my greatness, then go home”.

But people found her expression relatable.

When your ex gets married and you’re at the wedding

Prince Harry’s ex girlfriends face at the #RoyalWedding is a picture 😂 #ItShouldHaveBeenMe

And it's safe to say a new ~royal~ meme has been born.

The face you make when it hits you that you are at your ex's wedding 😂 #royalwedding