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    This Fan Reimagined Harry Potter With BTS And It's Dope AF

    Harry Potter meets BTS.

    BTS are a 7-member K-Pop group from South Korea.

    [Episode] 'YOU NEVER WALK ALONE' BTS 슈가처럼 해봐요!

    22-year-old Tumblr blogger 'jeonbegins' is an Army (BTS fan) who has loved Harry Potter since she was 9 years old. She decided to combine her passions in a photo project.

    Facebook: JIN.BTS.OfficialFanpage

    The inspiration for the photo edits came after Rap Monster was asked which Hogwarts house each BTS member would be sorted in to.

    Rap Monster answered that he would be in Gryffindor, along with Jin. J-hope and V would be in Hufflepuff, Jungkook in Ravenclaw and Jimin and Suga in Slytherin.

    While editing, the artist, who did not want to be identified, said her passion for the Harry Potter books had been rekindled.

    She said she was surprised at the reaction from people because she thought the Harry Potter fandom had died down.

    She said her edits has been the source of inspiration for people writing fan fiction based on the alternative universe of Harry Potter and BTS.

    People had feels.

    Some didn't agree with the house allocation.

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