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A Korean TV Station Has Now Apologised For Using Blackface

"Black face, cabbage leaf skirt, painted big lips, how does it not click in your heads that this would upset someone?"

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People didn't find the segment funny at all.

What the actual fuck SBS & People Looking For A Laugh!?!?! This is disgusting!!!! Fuck You!! Black Face isn't funny… https://t.co/yZT8Vubguf

The segment has been called racist.

take down this disturbing and blatantly racist skit @SBSNOW and issue an apology to the communities you offended. t… https://t.co/97uSV4BBJA

And disgusting.

Y'all are adults so I'm sure you're aware of how disgusting, offensive, and extremely racist this is. This behavior… https://t.co/7H5ZRGcWbJ

SBS what the actual fuck?! black face,cabbage leaf skirt,painted big lips,how does it not click in your heads that… https://t.co/1a9vBW9ZuV

And people are saying that it's offensive to multiple ethnicities.

SBS is a fucking mess, how are they gonna mock black people, native americans and polynesians all at once


The Youtube video of the show is now unavailable, and according to Yonhap News SBS issued an apology for any "inconvenience" to its viewers.

Predictable official response from SBS' Gag program: "Sorry for inconvenience, video clip removed, we will be more… https://t.co/3AB4bbD3mM

Lee Jung-hyun, a reporter from SBS TV, said "I apologize for the inconvenience to the viewers because I could not carefully review the contents, the crew made an entry and immediately removed the clip (video) from online, and I will make sure that the problem does not recur in the future."

BuzzFeed has reached out to SBS for comment.

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