Donations Are Pouring In After A Dutch Boy's Nail Painting Challenge Went Viral

    "The Spirit of Christmas in The Netherlands has a name: Tijn ❤"

    This is 6-year-old Tijn from the Netherlands.

    Tijn has brain cancer and has been told he has less than one year left to live. As part of his bucket list he wants to help as many children as possible.

    Last week, Tijn and his dad appeared on Dutch radio programme Serious Request and challenged people to have their nails painted by him for charity.

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    Tijn asked people who get their nails painted to donate €1 and those who don't get their nails painted to donate €10.

    3FM's Serious Request is a radio programme which raises money for different causes every year. It's currently in its 12th year and is raising money for the Red Cross's fight against pneumonia.

    During the project, two DJs live in a 'glass house' for six days with no food.

    People started lining up outside the radio studio and asked Tijn to paint their nails.

    On Thursday the hashtag 'heelhollandlakt' which means 'all of Holland paints' and was the top trend in the Netherlands.

    People were moved by Tijn's wish and soon many people got involved and challenged their friends.

    Tijn, je bent een held en deze actie is geweldig. Ik hoop dat je heel veel geld ophaalt. #heelhollandlakt #sr16…

    Including a few famous faces like DJ Armin Van Buuren.

    Challenge accepted @Domien! Bij deze daag ik uit jarige @borsato, @johnewbanknl en @nickensimon om ook hun nagels t…

    Thnx @ricoverhoeven for the nomination. I'm Definitly supporting #Tijn & i'm challenging @nickyromero @DonDiablo…

    Great to support #Tijn with polished nails and to donate to #seriousrequest2016 #ChallengeAccepted I challenge ot…

    And eventually Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, joined in.

    Tijn was also on the front pages of several Dutch newspapers.

    Gaaf de voorpagina's vandaag! #tijn #heelhollandlakt #SR16 💅🏼 🎼ItsthemostwonderfulTijnofthe year 🎄…

    Tijn is vandaag de man van 2 miljoen ❤ #3FM #SR16

    The Red Cross told BuzzFeed News they hadn't seen anything like the reaction to Tijn's plea. More than €2 million has been raised for the charity.

    During his visit to the radio station, Tijn's requested Katy Perry's Roar and said it was his favourite song.

    Since then people have been trying to get Perry's attention.

    Could someone alert @katyperry about #tijn #lakaan #SR16 He is 6yr, terminally ill, raised 1MILLION 4 sick kids.

    Did someone already informed @katyperry that #Tijn paid over 1.1 million euro's to hear her song Roar on the Dutch…

    @katyperry Terminally ill Tijn (6) went to the Glass House in Breda with one last wish #3fm #sr16 please RT


    The Spirit of Christmas in The Netherlands has a name: Tijn ❤ #Tijn #SR16 #3fm over 2M € and counting.

    Last night, Tijn was invited on stage for the reveal of the total amount that has been raised from the entire programme and 3FM's DJ Domien Verschuuren called Tijn 'the man'.

    You are inspiring Tijn!

    To read more and donate to Tijn's fundraiser click here.