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    People Think This Mom Who Has A Watch With Her Husband's Face On It Is Goals

    "This what I want when I am 40."

    This is Kimberly, a 20-year-old student from New York, with her parents Josephine and Gregory.

    This week she went viral on Twitter after posting a picture of a watch her dad gifted to her mum when they started dating in 1990 – a watch with his face on it.

    my mom was so headass in love with my dad she had a watch with his face on it

    "My mom had asked him for something to remember him by so instead of a photo in her wallet, he got her a watch with his photo in it," Kimberley told BuzzFeed News.

    "He told her at the time he didn't want her to go a minute without him so she wore it faithfully."

    People loved the gesture, saying Gregory and Josephine were ahead of their time.

    A lot of people saw their own dads in Kimberley's.

    @KlMBERLYY Between the haircut, mustache, sweater, and background plant I'm honestly a little scared

    Kimberly said she was surprised to see the tweet go viral, and that she didn't think people would find it interesting.

    Twitter: @mirandoge

    "I just thought it was a little corny thing that was cute," she told us.

    She said her parents were also surprised and excited by the response. She said her dad had no idea that her mum still had the watch.

    And the watch has even inspired people to have bae as their wallpapers on their Apple watches.

    But mostly, people really loved the watch.

    And think Kimberley's parents are goals.


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