People Are Loving The Diversity In Gap's Back To School Advert

    "Finally. A campaign that doesn't center whiteness."

    Gap's back-to-school ad campaign came out a couple of weeks ago.

    And the kids modelling the clothes are diverse.

    People noticed this and really love it.

    Natural hair?? Braids?! And hijab?!! Whew GAP is doing the damn thing!!!

    oh okay my store kinda snapped

    Finally. A diverse campaign that doesn’t center whiteness. Alhamdulilah.

    A lot of people particularly noticed the little girl wearing the hijab.

    Back to school ad for Gap.!! This makes me so happy OMG.!😭😭

    And related.

    you can tell this is real bc she in that one piece phase that we all went through when we first started wearing hijab 🤦🏻‍♀️

    litterally all through elementary and middle school finding clothes that made me feel comfortable and was one of the hardest things i struggled w. seeing this representation finally making its way actually brings me to tears. idk if anyone could understand how amazing this is!

    And they're talking about the importance of representation.

    you have nooooo idea how important this is! we love represenation of older hijabi women but this!!!!! i rmbr feeling so weird & out of place being a young girl wearing the hijab and for a young girl seeing this is soooooo heartwarming and re-affirming. im so happy

    You guys don't know how MASSIVE the POSITIVE effect of diversed representation in the MEDIA really is. IT CAN SHAPE THE SOCIETY to become less judgmental, and more accepting of other races and how their cultures lead their appearances! KIDS CAN FEEL OKAY BEING THEMSELVES!!!

    This is amazing! Representation is so important I hope this helps every little hijabi girl!

    An ad!!!!