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People Are Freaking Out Because It Looks Like Mariah Carey Is Sitting On An Invisible Chair

"I'm convinced that Mariah Carey gets special powers during the holiday season."

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Last week, Mariah Carey performed at the AHF World AIDS Day concert.

Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images

Since then she has gone viral for sitting on what fans said looked like an invisible chair.

Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images

Mariah was signing things for fans perfectly poised while sitting on what looks like air.

Mimi loves her Lambs so much 🦋💕

People spotted it and think she has special powers.

@MariahCareyITA @MariahCarey Wait where’s the chair lol

@1942bs @SoIcyWhit Omg queen of Christmas

And called her squat "insane".

Mariah appreciates the meme herself.


Another of @MariahCarey’s talents is that she can pretend she’s sitting on an invisible chair!!!