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People Are Crying Laughing At This Blooper Of A British TV Reporter Talking About Hurricane Irma

"This makes the TV licence worth it."

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Yesterday at 2am BBC World reporter Tom Donkin was seen jogging across the screen during a segment about Hurricane Irma.


And then he walked back a little bit to stand in front of what he thought was the right camera.


However, it wasn't, and he figured it out almost right away.


But his recovery from the moment didn't stop people from finding the humour in it.

😂 wonderful car crash opening to BBC World News just now. Pick a camera, any camera 😛

People have called it "the best Hurricane Irma reporting".

Folks, I have found it: the best Hurricane Irma reporting anywhere on the globe

@bubbaprog This is a perfect representation of my own response to Irma. Go? No stay. Now it's over here! Well, make the best of it.

And are finding the entire situation really funny.

@bubbaprog @spencer_parsons For me, the real magic is in the series of spokesmodel poses he strikes when he first t…

But are impressed by his skill.

@bubbaprog I think he recovered admirably!

And have said the moment makes the TV licence fee worth it.