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    People Are Mad At Jennifer Lawrence For Rubbing Her Butt On Sacred Rocks In Hawaii

    Update: Lawrence has now apologised.

    Last week, Jennifer Lawrence appeared on The Graham Norton Show and spoke about how her butt nearly killed someone.

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    In this story, she also mentioned that she was using Hawaiian sacred rocks to itch her butt.

    chris looks so uncomfortable and embarrassed even until the end

    While it's not clear what type of rocks Jennifer Lawrence was rubbing her butt on, in ancient Hawaii people believed certain stones were sacred for many reasons and often served as a physical reminders of the spiritual world.

    People are angry about what J-Law said she did.

    That time Jennifer Lawrence bragged about defiling sacred Hawaiian stones. Been tellin y'all she's TRASH. Stay Canc…

    They said Lawrence was disrespectful.

    She has been "cancelled".

    Twitter needs a 'who's cancelled today' tab with a summary of why I wasted 30 seconds of my life on Jennifer Lawrence

    Why would you knowingly disrespect someone's culture and sacred artifacts and brag about it later? Smh Jennifer Lawrence is beyond cancelled

    Some fans defended Lawrence and said that she wasn't aware that the rocks were sacred until afterwards.

    Jennifer Lawrence first mentioned the Sacred Rocks story from Hawaii in 2013 & for the record She just found out it…

    But not everybody was angry.

    I've never thought of getting an itch out with a rock. Damn you Jennifer Lawrence you are a clever one! 😂

    And suddenly everyone hates Jennifer Lawrence for the same reason they liked her. Not like she changed just hit a touchy subject.

    No but seriously, Jennifer Lawrence told a story about rubbing her butt on a rock and now she's considered the devil. People are ugly.


    Lawrence said that she meant no disrespect to Hawaiian people and has apologised.

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