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This Artist’s Image Is Being Used As A Stress Test. But He Says It’s Fake.

“Can I have a month off work now.”

This optical illusion has gone viral for claiming to be able to tell how stressed the person looking at the photo is.

The photo has gone viral with a caption that claims it was created by a Japanese neurology professor named Yamamoto who said that the faster the image goes, the more stressed you are.

The illustration was created by Yurii Perepadia, a 50-year-old graphic designer and illustrator from Ukraine who told BuzzFeed News that everything written in the caption is a lie.

Perepadia told BuzzFeed News that he has seen the viral posts and has asked the posters to take down the images due to copyright infringement.

While the illusion does appear to move, it cannot tell you anything about your wellbeing.

it’s moving so much for me i thought it was a video 🤦🏽‍♀️

Naturally, some people believed it.

Over stressed and have mental problems, sounds about right that

And others have considered using the illustration as an excuse to get out of work.

Do u think I’ll be able to show my boss this today in proof that I’m absolutely shattered

It’s moving continuously can I have a month off work now