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    Posted on Feb 24, 2018

    "Notting Hill" And "The Vicar Of Dibley" Actor Emma Chambers Has Died At 53

    People are paying tribute to Chambers by sharing some of their favourite moments.

    Actor Emma Chambers has died from natural causes at the age of 53.

    Tim Ockenden / PA Archive/PA Images

    Her agent told BuzzFeed News in a statement: "We are very sad to announce the untimely death, from natural causes, of the acclaimed actress, Emma Chambers.

    "Over the years, Emma, created a wealth of characters and an immense body of work. She brought laughter and joy to many, and will be greatly missed."

    Chambers was well known for playing Alice Tinker in the BBC's The Vicar of Dibley and also for her role in Notting Hill.

    Bbc / Press Association Images

    Emma Freud, the wife of Notting Hill screenwriter Richard Curtis, paid tribute to Chambers on Twitter, calling her a "loving human being".

    Our beautiful friend Emma Chambers has died at the age of 53. We're very very sad. She was a great, great comedy…

    Dawn French, The Vicar of Dibly co-star, paid tribute to Chambers and said she loved her a lot.

    I was regularly humped like this by the unique & beautiful spark that was Emma Chambers. I never minded. I loved he…

    People are now paying tribute to Chambers and sharing some of her best scenes.

    So sad to hearing of the passing of Emma Chambers. Great memories of her in Vicar of Dibley as Alice.

    RIP to the lovely #EmmaChambers .. her face seeing Julia Roberts for the first time in Notting hill was “spit your…

    A: You know I Cant Believe Its Not Butter? G: Yes... A: Well, I can't believe its not butter.... G: Well I believe…

    RIP Emma Chambers......I absolutely loved Alice 😢 #vicarofdibley

    RIP the wonderful #EmmaChambers - best known for The Vicar of Dibley but also stole every scene in Notting Hill. On…

    Absolutely stunned and saddened to hear that Emma Chambers has died at only 53. She was best known for playing Ali…

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