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People Keep Sharing A Picture That Falsely Claims These CDs Are Poisonous

The same picture with similar warnings has previously been shared in Russia and Germany.

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This photo of Qur'an CDs has been going viral on social media with a message warning people that they are coated in poisonous chemicals.

But the same photo also went viral on Russian social media sites in November last year.

Внимание друзья! Будьте осторожны!!!! В почтовые ящики стали подбрасывать такие пакетики. Не открывайте! Внутри ядо…

It was covered by a number of media publications.

"People of Saint Petersburg are being scared on social networks by 'poisonous disks' in mailboxes."

But the report also claimed that a spokesperson for the interior ministry said no incidents had been reported.


The photo also appears in an article from a German outlet, published last November, that reported the police were investigating the CDs after rumours of them being contaminated went viral.

"Contaminated with poison? Turkish residents in Schäl Sick (eastern Cologne) worry about CDs in their mailboxes."

The CDs were found to contain no poison at all and Mannheim police published a Facebook post calling the claims fake.

So, in a nutshell, if you see this picture with a warning that these CDs are poisonous, they're probably not.

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