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This Man Tried To Shame A Hijabi Blogger For Her Clothing And She Shut Him Down Perfectly

"Wallah, I'm metaphorically dead."

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Batal told BuzzFeed News she was just busy living her best life and taking great pictures when a man tried to call her out for the way she was dressed.


But Batal wasn't having it.

Twitter: @ShahdBatal

She said she gets a lot of tweets like his and usually ignores them but this time she used him as an example.

"His goal wasn't to help or inform me, his goal was to call me out, so I did the same," Batal said.

"I wish I could say this kind of hypocritical policing wasn't common but I see it every day. Many of the responses I've seen have been defending him but it's like everyone wants to ignore the obvious or wants to forget the real issue here."

She added: "The issue isn't whether or not I should show my hair, the issue is that he is policing me when he's regularly tweeting and retweeting sexual posts and sees no problem with that, but sees a problem with how I dress."

People really loved her clapback.

it's tweets like these that remind me why i love twitter

And said she "shahd" him down.

@ShahdBatal you shahd him down! 😭