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    The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over Theresa May's Savage Cabinet Reshuffle

    "Ok ladies now let's stop immigration."

    On Wednesday, Theresa May became Britain's prime minister.

    If you can hear us Margaret, move a glass.

    @F41rygirl / Via Twitter: @F41rygirl

    Well, say what you like, but Theresa May is still one of the best Prime Ministers we've had this week.

    @matthaig1 / Via Twitter: @matthaig1

    A new, authoritarian figure for trying times.

    Ok ladies now let's stop immigration

    @stuartallen / Via Twitter: @stuartaIIen

    Hi world this is our prime minister and it stands like this

    @goulcher / Via Twitter: @goulcher

    Ok who is responsible for this please??

    @ChrisPJGodfrey / Via Twitter: @ChrisPJGodfrey

    And as prime minister, May decided to reshuffle the cabinet and clean house.

    @DalanoDRD / Via Twitter: @DalanoDRD

    Remember how Boris Johnson was gone? Well.

    The news he was now foreign secretary left people seriously confused.

    . Boris Johnson is the UK's new foreign secretary

    @hansonline / Via Twitter: @hansonIine

    A FRIEND: Presumably PM just wrote F. Off next to Bojo's name and some civil servant misinterpreted it.

    It left France's foreign minister saying this...

    ...not to mention German people pissing themselves.

    #BorisJohnson wird britischer #Außenminister.

    oh well this just gets better and better

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    People were kind of concerned about how he might engage with the rest of the world.

    Boris: "take that foreigners, pew, pew, pew"

    @CrazyGoose / Via Twitter: @CrazyGoose

    Our Foreign Secretary @BorisJohnson picks a set of weapons for James Bond in his new role as head of MI6

    What was May playing at?

    I'm pretty sure this is Theresa May inside number 10, right now

    @bettswana / Via Twitter: @bettswana

    We also learned that George Osborne wasn't chancellor any more. ☕️

    david-camerons-forehead / Via

    Then Thursday came around.

    The only way Twitter could be more excited today is if Theresa May appointed a minister for Pokemon Go

    @asabenn / Via Twitter: @asabenn

    The morning dawned. People were still digesting the news of the night before.

    And as we wake up this morning...Glasgow reacts in the only way it feels right...sweet and fitting etc #BorisJohnson

    What was she going to do next? It's fair to say journalists might have been getting slightly overexcited.

    Love this. Adam Boulton and Sophie Ridge greet the new arrival in Downing Street. It is ... some bloke.

    Well first up, she sacked justice secretary Michael Gove.

    It was brutal. 😟

    Michael Gove has just left Parliament after being sacked. He was driven away in an Addison Lee car, after losing his ministerial Jaguar.

    And for a little while, people thought Jeremy Hunt was no longer the health secretary.

    and we cut to live footage of hospitals everywhere as they react to Jeremy Hunt's sacking

    We are all waiting for Jeremy Hunt to get the bullet aren’t we? This is my version of Pokemon Go.

    Do not, I repeat do not let Theresa May leave No.10 WITH her smartphone right now!!! #CabinetReshuffle

    Then the rumour was that he hadn't been sacked, he'd just moved to a new role.

    It turned out, as ever on reshuffle day, that everyone had called it wrong.

    'Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated...' Thrilled to be back in the best job in Government.

    People were overjoyed.

    Jeremy Hunt to stay as Health Secretary!!!!

    Jeremy Hunt is staying at Health, but is being reformed into smaller parts that he can be sacked bit by bit at a later point.

    Meanwhile, Elizabeth Truss got a new job.

    Liz Truss becomes the first female Lord High Chancellor in 309 years since the role was created

    Liz Truss is delighted and will celebrate with a cheese board #CabinetReshuffle

    Earlier in the day, the assumption had been that Stephen Crabb was going to get Hunt's job.

    when ur hearing crabb might move to health

    Which meant it was time for some terrible puns.

    "What is Stephen Crabb’s favourite place to catch a train?" asks a happy @elashton. "CREWE STATION!" *silence*

    And also for everyone to be completely wrong. Again.

    #Breaking Stephen Crabb resigns from Government "in the best interests of my family" - statement #reshuffle

    There was also good news for Andrea Leadsom.

    Leadsom is well qualified to be environment secretary, because she actually invented rivers and lakes and cows.

    While Sajid Javid also got a new job!

    Sajid Javid is new Communities and Local Government Minister, brilliant, so he can do for the rest of us, what he did for the steel industry

    However, there was also bad news for John Whittingdale. Or not so bad, depending on how you look at it.

    Ex-Culture secretary John Whittingdale on his plans for the rest of the day. "We are going to get drunk," he tells me. #CabinetReshuffle

    There had also been a lot of people worrying that Chris Grayling would end up with a position in the Cabinet. Turns out they were right.

    Damian Green went to Work and Pensions after two years on the backbenches and by this point the internet was struggling for interesting things to say.

    New Work & Pensions Secretary Damian Green is a fan of Half Man Half Biscuit. Good for him

    To be continued...