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BTS Fans Are Sharing The Ways They Celebrate Eid Using #EidWithLove And It’s So Cute

"Me and Yoongi bursting our uwus."

Fans of BTS decided to celebrate Eid with BTS and the fandom using the hashtag #EidWithLuv, a spinoff of the band's latest single, "Boy With Luv".

To all Muslim and Muslim ARMY Eid Mubarak 🕌 💜 #EidMubarak #EidWithLuv

Maryam Naqvi, a 17-year-old student from Pakistan, told BuzzFeed News the idea for the hashtag was born in a group chat.


She told BuzzFeed News: "There's this one group chat and there's my three favourite Muslim oomfs in it, and we were discussing 'Boy With Luv' Taehyung, like one does, you know. And then one oomf was like, 'Hey, omg! Just got my Eid fit!'

"And we're like, yay, omg, pics or it didn't happen, and she sends pictures and her dress is pink, so I'm like, 'Hoooooolllllld onnnnn, love,' and I'm like, omg how about we celebrate Eid With BTS?

"And the best way to potentially do that was to just have a tag trend, innit? Then I'm like, omg how about #EidWithLuv?"

Naqvi said a lot of people were excited to use the hashtag.

[#EidWithLuv] ❓ Muslim ARMY can use #/EidWithLuv to post their Eid photos and celebrate Eid with both BTS and ARMY! ⚠️ Tag @BTS_twt in your tweets 📅 Day of Eid for you

ARMYs started sharing photos of things like BTS-inspired henna.

Umm your least active moot says hello! #EidWithLuv

Chand raat mubarak everyone 😁✨🌙💜 #EidWithLuv

Memes of themselves.

me and yoongi bursting our uwus #EidWithLuv


Eid mubarak from me & family to you. @BTS_twt #EidMubarak #EidWithLuv #EidWithBTS #eidwithlove #bts #btsarmy #btsmalaysia

But mostly some beautiful Eid outfits.

Happy (late) Eid Mubarak to all the armysss out thereeeeee ‼💜#eidwithbts #EidWithLuv #EidMubarak #EidMetGala

#EidWithBTS #EidWithLuv Day mood night mood

sorry for the quality but it's d2 gaes!!🤘🏻 #EidWithLuv

Eid Mubarak from my loves and I! ♥️ #Eidmubarak #BlackoutEid #EidWithLuv 💜

#EidWithLuv colouring your timeline

eid mubarak luvs, enjoy #BlackoutEid #EidMubarak #EidwithLuv

Eid Mubarak My Lovely Mutuals💜💜 This Eid Is An Eid With Luv🌛💫 @BTS_twt #EidWithLuv

sometimes, you just gotta celebrate eid with ur favorite boy in the whole world 💜💜 #EidWithLuv

oof I hope all my Muslim moots had a very very blessed day 💜 #EidWithLuv @BTS_twt

EID MUBARAK LOVIES 🥺❤️ I hope everyone has a blessed Eid Inshallah ❤️ #EidWithLuv #EidMubarak

eid mubarak from me and the sun ✨ #BlackoutEid #EidMubarak #EidWithLuv

A little late to the party, but Eid Mubarak 💕🌜✨ [#EidWithLuv]

Happy Eid Mubarak to all Muslims ☺️💞💜 #EidWithLuv #EidWithBTS

insta seen it first but eid mubarak lovelies 💜 #EidMubarak #EidwithLuv #BlackoutEid

a lil late but im still posting so happy eid to my fellow muslim army!! ft my cat #EidWithLuv

happy eid mubarak my loves 💖 #EidWithLuv #EidWithBTS ✨🥰

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