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This K-Pop Group Has A New Song Based On Obama's Mic Drop

"I can't believe my faves stan Obama."

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BTS are back with a new album called "Love Yourself 承 'Her’".

Instagram: @bts

And ARMYs are basically in love with it all.

me: what is your favorite track in HER album? friend: #BTS_DNA_TODAY

Her achieve 50 #1 on iTunes and DNA has 5.3M views all in just 4 hours. Now this is iconic, Armys keep streaming li…

At a press conference earlier today Rap Monster told reporters that the seventh track on the album was inspired by former US president Barack Obama.

He said that it was the speech where Obama drops his mic that helped inspire the song.


obama: *drops mic* bts: writes produces and composes an entire song called mic drop

Fans think the song is pretty good.

obama and his squad listening to mic drop

And think it's all pretty funny.

"we got inspiration from president Obama's speech and made the new song MIC DROP" SJFHJH WIG

And they can't believe that they stan such intellectuals.

This is the part of the speech that BTS based their song "Mic Drop" off of. I cant believe my faves stan Obama. Suc…

BTS's "Love Yourself 承 'Her’" is now on Apple Music and Spotify.

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