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People Are Relating Hard To This Teen's Mom That Got Caught Taking A Selfie

"Me when I'm taking a selfie."

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Meet 16-year-old Itati Lopez and her mom Silvia from California.

silvialopez1 / Itati Lopez

Itati told BuzzFeed News that last week she came out of the shower to to find her mom taking a selfie.

I still cant get over my moms reaction😂😂😂

People are relating hard to the video.

Itati filmed her mom's reaction after her tweet went viral.

@itati_lopez pt.2 once I told my mom we hit 16k lmaoooo😂

She said that when it hit 16,000 retweets she showed her mom and they couldn't stop laughing.

"I didn't get in trouble, only when I bugged her yesterday [in the video] other than that we're all laughing extremely hard," Itati said.

"My mom and I are very close, more like best friends, and when I caught her with that selfie it was amazing."

She said she can't believe it's gone viral and that it has made her happy.

when someone catches u taking a selfie

And now Silvia has been added to the 2017 meme calendar.