22 Tweets With The White Guy Blinking Meme That Are Hilarious AF


    A GIF of this guy blinking has gone viral on Twitter.

    The GIF shows Drew Scanlon, from video game website Giant Bomb's Unprofessional Fridays, and according to Know Your Meme has been around for a while.

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    But it's come back in a big way, and is now being called the "white guy blinking" meme.

    Me: I know every meme. Someone: Then what's the name of the one with the blinking white guy? Me:

    It first reappeared via this tweet.

    me: ill take a biology class, im smart enough for this just watch me teacher: cells me:

    And people are loving it.

    homeless person: could you spare some change? me: sorry i can't homeless person: broke ass me:

    It's been applied to tests.

    Me: this tests is gonna be so easy, Ima get a 100 Test: Name______

    Me: "I'm gonna fail this exam lol" *fails exam* Me:


    When you watching your favorite movie with someone and an important part comes on but you look over and the person… https://t.co/NWFehXMY6D


    "You're getting pulled over for going 40 above the speed limit"


    Me: "I like you." Crush: "I like you too." Me:

    Her: wow you got a good job, you single, you dont play games, and you got your own place. Like whats wrong with you… https://t.co/S8q9DIAZdJ


    me: this essay is so bad professor: this essay is bad me:

    Hannah Montana.

    miley: has the exact same face and voice as hannah montana miley: i'm hannah montana lilly:


    me: spends $300 on a shirt me when an app I want costs $0.99:


    Account balance: $100.00 Me: *spends $2.91* New account balance: $97.09 Me:

    "Man, college made me so broke" "Sameeee. What are you doing for spring break?" "Going to Cancun. You?"


    Me: *unfollows someone* *they unfollow me back* Me:


    Me:I need more hours Job:can you cover ______ shift Me:



    me: *knows im ugly* someone: youre ugly me:


    White People: I can't believe that people keep animals chained up Me: almost like slavery White people: slavery?

    And finally, Judgment Day.

    Me acting surprised on judgment day when I get told I'm going to hell