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Muslims Are Really Not Sure About This Mac Makeup Tutorial For Suhoor

"Gotta look fly for the bowl of Weetabix."

For those of you who don't know, when Muslims are fasting there are two meals: one to start the fast in the early hours of the morning (suhoor) and the other one to end their fasts at sunset (iftar).

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These Pakistani men are offering prayers before breaking their Ramadan fast at a bus terminal in Peshawar on Friday.

Late last week, the social media pages for Mac Cosmetics Middle East posted this guide with the caption: "Get ready for a glamorous Suhoor look in a few easy steps!"

And some Muslims found the idea of putting this much effort in for their early morning meal funny.

MAC really thinks we go full glam for suhoor/sehri. I guess I have to look beautiful for my food.

I’m crying “glamorous suhoor look” uk 😭😂 do y’all even know what suhoor is? stop trying to commercialize ramadan

No thank you MAC, I’ll stick with my natural traumatized fox look during suhoor.

However, some Muslims pointed out that it's normal for people to go lavish parties in the Middle East to have their predawn meal.


And some said that the look Mac came up with was quite moderate.

#MySuhoorLook seems ridiculous from the perspective of a Muslim in the West. In the Gulf in the other hand... the model’s makeup in the @MACCosmetics advert was quite moderate for some suhoor parties over here ! #EatSlayPray 😂

For anyone confused; this is an actual thing in the Middle East. There are 'Suhoor buffets' from 9pm - 3am. Women dress up. But not as much as the iftar parties. Below is a product of the intersection between #religion & #consumerism. It risks lessening the spiritual value. https://t.co/yIUao1kY3V

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Mac for comment.

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