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    Some KFC Shops In The UK Have Run Out Of Chicken And People Are Freaking Out

    "The chicken crossed the road, just not to our restaurants."

    KFC UK & Ireland said on Twitter on Saturday that some restaurants may be closed because of "teething" problems related to switching to a new delivery company.

    It appears the problem started around Thursday.

    When you drive all the way to @KFC_UKI on your lunch and the fuckers shut cus they have no chicken?!?!?!

    The KFC Customer Care Twitter account has been apologising to people.

    @suzylee157 Hi Suzanne, Sorry about that, we've had a few teething issues with our deliveries, please DM us so we c…

    It's affecting restaurants across the country.

    Nottingham KFC is closed because it ran out of chicken. This is Nottingham, ladies and gents.

    As you would expect, the reactions are perfectly rational.


    @KFC_UKI has a shortage of chicken “nationally” ffs absolutely ruined my Sunday chills 🤦🏽‍♀️ I got a shower for the occasion 🙄

    Everyone around me is mad because kfc keeps running out of chicken

    Went to three different @KFC_UKI yesterday and not one of them had chicken. Haha I mean WHAT???? A man needs his flaming wrap. #andakrushem

    Me: Can I order a bucket of chicken? KFC: sorry but we're out of chicken Me:

    Please can you sort your shit out @kfc. Running out of chicken is utterly unacceptable

    Got an email from @KFC_UKI apparently they’re having problems with chicken delivery, can we please mourn the day. #PrayForKwaku

    Sometimes life's just like that.

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