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Italians In The Coronavirus Lockdown Are Joining Flash Mobs From Their Balconies, And The Show Of Unity Is Making People Emotional

"This is what solidarity looks like."

Earlier today, this video of people in Naples, Italy, singing from their balconies during the coronavirus quarantine started going viral.

Incredible video of the people of Naples singing together from their balconies during the coronavirus quarantine #italy #coronavirus From @visit_naples

As you likely know, the entire country is in lockdown until at least April 3.

The video was submitted to Visit Naples, the organisation that promotes tourism in Italy's third-biggest city.

Facebook: video.php

Here's another video of people singing on their balconies.

And another filmed in Siena, Tuscany.

A Siena, città alla quale sono molto legato, si sta in casa ma si canta insieme come se si fosse per la strada. Mi sono commosso

People are getting emotional watching the videos.

These videos make me cry..I am so proud to be part of this culture & seeing the way Italians are dealing with this trying time! ♥️ https://t.co/5KWZrC5glJ

So touching.💛 when humans shine. https://t.co/PGiXhDWwf0

Singing as a group will always get us through. Love this so much. https://t.co/TuZk9aDy9C

This is what solidarity sounds like https://t.co/OLq0nrJqw5

Many have compared it to when people in Wuhan, China, were in lockdown and sang the national anthem from their windows.

#wuhancorona #WuhanChina #WuhanVirus #WuhanLockDown View from our son's apartment this evening. Citizens of Wuhan sing National Anthem and Wuhan Come On from balconies and windows after many days stuck indoors.

The Facebook page that posted the video also promoted an event titled "Flashmob: in concert from the balconies". The event is set to take place March 22, so it looks like more videos could be appearing soon.


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