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A Woman Tagged Shaquille O'Neal In Her Instagram Story And He Responded In The Funniest Way

"I'm also police shhh".

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She said she woke up the next day to a notification from O'Neal and she couldn't believe it.


Watlington said, "I was so shocked to see it was actually him and his reply was hilarious. I was glad he noticed my picture."


Then Watlington tweeted screenshots of it.

Watlington said she didn't expect the tweet to blow up so quickly.


She said, "I didn't want him to be mad at me because I was expecting to get maybe one favorite, but then it blew up way too fast. I'm still upset about it because I didn't mean for it to get like that at all."

@LaurraJohnstonn I'm devastated I was so excited for our friendship


Watlington said she found the responses to the tweet very funny.

@BipItsJack / Twitter / Via Twitter: @BipItsJack

She said, "I had to mute the tweet because people kept tweeting at me and it got insane, but overall everyone was making a joke out of it so it made me laugh."