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    People Keep Claiming This Mall Is Their Local One Because It's So Beautiful

    Believe it or not, it's not in Croydon.

    All over Twitter people have been sharing photos of this beautiful mall, and claiming it's in different places around the world.

    It's not in California.

    San Jose California Eastridge Mall 😍😍😍

    It's not in Illinois.

    Louis Joliet Mall in Joliet, IL 😍😍😍

    Also not in South Carolina.

    And definitely not in London.

    The side of Croydon the media never show you

    It's actually Marina Bay Sands Mall in Singapore.

    It's a huge shopping centre with a canal down the middle.

    And despite the fact people are trying to point out the truth...

    ...they seem to be fighting a losing battle.

    Which is making some of them pretty mad!