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    This Doll Doesn’t Look Like Idris Elba And It Looks Like He Agrees

    “where tf his hair at???”

    Earlier this week, a doll that supposedly looks like Idris Elba was released.

    Jeff Spicer / Getty Images

    The doll was created by a company called Emperis, and was on sale for £850.

    Emperis / Via
    Emperis / Via

    It’s no longer on their website, but when it was you could put down a £100 deposit toward the doll.

    Screenshot / Emperis

    People were...not so sure about it.

    This doll is supposed to be Idris? Somebody getting fired.

    Idris Elba? In which space-time continuum?

    Where tf his hair at???

    The novel in my head vs the actual draft

    Some people thought it looked like actor Romany Malco, who responded to say he was done with everyone.

    I'm done with ALL of ya'll!

    Sharing the photo to Instagram, Malco said: “Thanks but I'm good.”

    Other people thought it looked like Montel Williams.

    @courtdanee2 @iesha_irene If this ain’t brother Montell Williams

    Including Elba himself.

    Williams saw the doll and said his Instagram went bananas.

    @ShomariHines Imagine my shock when my Instagram went bananas... I’m not that cool - my Instagram doesn’t go bananas unexpectedly.

    He replied to Elba’s tweet of his photo and asked if he had known the doll was coming.

    @idriselba Lol I was meaning to ask you if you knew this doll was coming?

    @idriselba @Montel_Williams, @idriselba & @TeamRomany looking at each other like...

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