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I Tried To Make The "Pringles Wheel" On Snapchat And Failed Spectacularly

Expectation vs reality.

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TV writer and producer Jane Espenson managed to make a make a ring out of Pringles with absolutely no glue.

I did it! I did it! I built a Pringles ringle! No glue, just physics.

People were very impressed.

And Espenson wasn't the only one who did it.

Amazing!!! RT @jenninat0r: @JaneEspenson right back at ya omg this is unbelievable

Twitter: @JaneEspenson

So I decided to try making a Pringles ring too, and I thought it would be really easy.

BuzzFeed / Ikran Dahir

I thought wrong.

Ikran Dahir / BuzzFeed

And so I was off on my second attempt to build a Pringles ring.

BuzzFeed / Ikran Dahir

Which was going really well.

BuzzFeed / Ikran Dahir


BuzzFeed / Ikran Dahir

Fast-forward a bit and I could see a light at the end of the tunnel.

BuzzFeed / Ikran Dahir
BuzzFeed / Ikran Dahir

The end product kind of looks like the ring?

BuzzFeed / Ikran Dahir

And here's how it looks now 😭.

BuzzFeed / Ikran Dahir


Ikran Dahir / Buzzfeed

..vs reality.

Ikran Dahir / BuzzFeed

Here is the full disaster. / Via Ikran Dahir

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