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    This Teen Used Makeup To Draw Famous People And It Is Flawless AF

    "The people in her looks have makeup on, she put makeup on her makeup. What kind of legend."

    Meet Emily Oliver, a 15-year-old student from Portland, Oregon.

    Oliver decided to create a makeup look based on Rihanna's "Wild Thoughts" music video. It took four hours to create.

    bad gal riri @rihanna @ABHcosmetics @norvina1 #dipbrow & moonchild @juviasplace Zulu @UrbanDecay electric…

    She said it took four months for her to gain the ability to draw faces in the space around her eye.

    "I had been wanting to try drawing a figure on my eye for a while, but that video is what helped me choose exactly who to draw," she said.

    "All over Twitter and Instagram, everything I saw was about Rihanna. I wanted to show my love for her, and test myself at the same time.

    "It took me around four months to gain the ability to draw faces on my very little eye space. I dabbled in painting and drawing before I got into makeup, but I didn't find as much joy in that type of art as I do in makeup art."

    Afterwards, she drew Beyoncé, and that only took two and a half hours to create.

    the queen herself🍫🍯 @Beyonce @ABHcosmetics dipbrow @BECCA_COSMETICS champagne pop @juviasplace zulu palette…

    After that, Oliver decided to pay homage to some of her favourite beauty influencers.

    my fav influencers @bretmanrock @norvina1 @jackieaina @Jaclynhill @ABHcosmetics dipbrow, moonchild @MorpheBrushes…

    The tweet went on to get 1 million impressions and over 15k likes.

    Aside from celebs, Oliver has created a makeup look based on a bird.

    bby blue jay my entry for #urbanxnest @urbandoll @nestbedding @MorpheBrushes 12p @emcosmetics black liner…

    Flower-inspired makeup.

    my fav kind of floral arrangement @ABHcosmetics @norvina1 #dipbrow @MorpheBrushes 12p @EylureOfficial #155…

    And makeup featuring the Powerpuff Girls!

    bubbles, blossom, buttercup @ABHcosmetics #dipbrow & moonchild @EylureOfficial #155 @NyxCosmetics vivid brights l…

    Oliver said the responses she gets to the makeup are her favourite part.

    "My favourite thing is seeing others inspired by me to take the challenge to draw a human being on their eye as well," she said. "I love seeing other artists' interpretations."

    Not quite as perfect as I'd wanted it but I've been dying to (try) recreate this look by @emilyslooks 💛

    People have been amazed by her skills.

    @emilyslooks @Beyonce @ABHcosmetics @BECCA_COSMETICS @juviasplace @TooFaced @MakeupForWOC @GlamourGoaIs…

    Calling her a legend.

    And a wizard.