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Bella Hadid Went Sneaker Shopping In An Interview And People Are Cringing Hard

"Homeboy is gonna like...get it."

On Monday, Complex released an interview with Bella Hadid as part of their "sneaker shopping" series.

In the interview Hadid discusses what type of sneakers she likes and what she doesn't like.

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When talking about her sneaker turn-offs on guys, she said she doesn't mind them dirty but they better be "fresh". "If homeboy's coming through with these, it's quiet for him."

Hadid added: "But if homeboy comes through in like...these. You got some Air Maxes out here, you got some Jordans, homeboy is gonna like...get it."

People found the way Hadid spoke awkward.

Lmao I've never actually heard Bella Hadid talk before and I'm screaming does she actually talk like this???

bella hadid said ‘dope’ ‘fresh’ and ‘homeboy’ within a 5 second span there has to be a law against that

me: h- bella hadid: bUT IF HOMEBOY COMES THRU WITH THESE!!!!

And they have turned the interview into a meme.

If homeboys coming thru with bad memes then, it's quiet. But if homeboys coming thru with dope memes then homeboy's gonna like... get it

But if he comes through in like, theeeEEEse, YOU GOT SOME AIR MAXES OUT HERE, got some JooRDAAANS, homeboy is gonna…

With people using it to roast questionable footwear.

if homeboy coming through with these....

if homeboy come through in these he gonna like get it

if homeboy's coming through with these ... it's quiet ... but if he comes through in THESE ... homeboy's gonna like…

But it's not just what she said, her expression has become a meme too.

Tfw homeboy’s sneakers are dirty but still fresh so he’s gonna like……….. get it

homeboy comes through with that consistent support and attention? homeboy is gonna like.... get it.

bella hadid when her homeboy comes thru in jordans