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21 Black British Muslims You Should Know About

Black. Muslim. Excellence.

1. Poetic Pilgrimage, hip-hop duo

2. Nifty, photographer


You can follow him and keep up with his work here.

3. Prince Wasim, owner of Milk-Sheikh

4. Hanna Ali is a writer and teaching fellow at SOAS university.

darren boyd

Ali's collection of short stories 'The Story of Us' is published as an e-book and audiobook in Somali. You can get a copy here.

5. Buki Kekeré, artist

6. The Halfway Kid, musician, 27.

Jean-Francois Massicot

You can listen to his music on Soundcloud here.

7. Mukhtar Ali, British footballer for the Saudi national team and SBV Vitesse.

8. Muna Ruumi, radio presenter and creative director at BHX

9. Yasmin Omar, a community development officer and Youtuber


You can check out her YouTube channel here.

10. Chunkz, YouTuber

11. Mariam Yusuf, stylist and creative director


You can keep up to date with her work here.

12. Ramla, a model and biomedical science student

13. Asma Elbadawi, a poet and basketballer

14. Halimat Shode, founder and editor of the Black Muslim Times UK


You can read the Black Muslims Times UK here and follow Shode on Twitter here.

15. Samira, model

16. Reckless Rai from the podcast Mostly Lit


You can listen to Mostly Lit on Soundcloud here.

17. Zak Salad, actor

18. Ni’mah Yahya, visual artist


You can check her work here.

19. Khadija Abdelhamid, mental health activist

20. Dualeh Oke, musician


You can listen to his music here.

21. Najwa Umran, producer and founder of @femalemuslimcreatives and @blklisteningparty.