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A Debate About Which Is The Toughest Cartoon Cat Is Tearing People Apart

Are you team Pusheen, Hello Kitty or Garfield?

Meet Anoosha Syed, a 23-year-old, illustrator and visual development artist from Toronto, Canada.

She started an incredibly important debate to discover which cartoon cat is the strongest.

Syed told BuzzFeed News that she really loves cats, and that Pusheen is her favourite: "I was wondering if she stood up against the iconic cats, so I did a poll asking which cat people liked the best; Garfield, Hello Kitty or Pusheen."

Syed said after seeing Pusheen win she jokingly did a second poll asking who would win in a fight.

Twitter: @foxville_art

"The worst part was that it was a three-way tie. I had the poll on for a day and it was consistently a tie," she said.

"Like, Garfield and Hello Kitty I understand because they've got like, years of experience but Pusheen is a lightweight (figuratively)."

She said she didn't understand why people were voting for Pusheen as the cat has "stubby useless arms for fighting."

why is this still a tie??? why are people still voting for pusheen I know u like underdogs but she is not suited for the realities of war

"I mean, I love Pusheen but baby girl is unsuited for the realities of war," Syed added.

After the poll closed, the debate got more heated.

The most controversial debate of the 21st century

Syed made a list of strengths and weaknesses for each cartoon cat.

People have also weighed in their reasons for who they backed.

@foxville_art Garfield's fat ass won't fight, my guy. Pusheen and HK could go paw to paw, but HK would win. No doub…

@foxville_art Want a reason? Garfield takes no prisoners.

@foxville_art @Frumple_James she's ready

  1. Let's settle this: Who do you think would win in a fight?

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Let's settle this: Who do you think would win in a fight?
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