Dutch People Are Praising An Advert For Tights That Includes Someone With A Prosthetic Leg

    Zeeman described their tights for being for all legs.

    An advert by the Dutch store Zeeman includes someone with a prosthetic leg and people love it.


    The advert is for a pair of tights and the video features people going about their day.

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    The store has described the tights as being for all legs.

    Zoveel bonuspunten voor deze niet-standaard reclame van Zeeman! #allebenen #zeeman

    "So many bonus points for this nonstandard advertisement from Zeeman! #AllLegs #Zeeman"

    Twitter: @KimTikt

    "100 points for Zeeman!"

    It has been praised for its diversity.

    @woordenbrouwer @HDDuurvoort Zeeman doet het vaak goed met reclames, veel diversiteit.

    "Zeeman often does well with adverts, a lot of diversity."


    "I find your adverts always so fun! With real people! Compliments for that!

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