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    Jul 26, 2016

    11 Things You Can Relate To If You’re Black And A Belieber

    "You still like him after the video of him saying the n-word."

    1. This question. 😒

    #blacklieberproblems Them: you like jb Me: yes Them: but you're black Me:

    2. Savouring those rare moments of Bieber being photographed with a black Belieber. ❤️

    #BlacklieberProblems getting pics like this only 2 a year

    3. People will forever be asking when he will be with a black girl.

    #BlacklieberProblems *2009* Mom: u know he dont like black girls Me: He'll swirl soon *2016* Mom: he swirl yet? Me:

    4. Not being able to relate to 90% of the fanfics out there.

    When your reading fanfic and the girl have blue eyes or blonde hair #BlacklieberProblems

    5. Being questioned on why you have such a problematic fave.

    "do u like Justin Bieber" "Yeah" "U still like him after the video of him saying the n word" #BlacklieberProblems

    6. Also hiding the fact that you lowkey don't know if you should keep stanning him but then a new song comes out and it's 🔥.

    #blacklieberproblems When Justin made those racist jokes &you didn't know whether to stay or just tell his white ass

    7. Always trying to find out if you're being represented in music videos.

    @blackliebers When Justin had a black girl in a video (not as a love interest😭) she shared him #BlacklieberProblems

    8. Appreciating moments of fan service like this:

    Me when Justin said "black girls are beautiful" #BlacklieberProblems

    9. Trying to ask for tour tickets without your parents judging.

    Me before i went to go ask my mom for meet and greet tickets for PT #BlacklieberProblems

    10. Being a black fan does have its perks, like spotting yourself from afar. 😌

    Winning at the concert game bc my melanin popped so much I found myself in this pic with Justin #BlacklieberProblems

    11. And we are pretty cool. 👑👏🏾

    Blacklibers are LIT don't hate on us cuz we're FABULOUS 👑👑👑💛💛💛 #Blacklieberproblems

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