A Disney Channel Character Came Out As Gay To His Friend And Basically Made History

    "This milestone is just another stitch in a rich and vibrant tapestry that is Cyrus Goodman."

    You may know of the Disney Channel show Andi Mack, which is now on its third season.

    Last night's episode focused on the passing of Cyrus Goodman's grandmother and it featured a shiva, a week-long Jewish mourning period.

    As Cyrus Goodman tells Jonah Beck (played by Asher Angel) what each dish is, he uses the moment to casually come out: "That's gefilte fish and, skip that, I'm gay."

    This makes him the Disney Channel's first gay character.

    The clip was shared on Twitter thousands of times and people called the scene historic.


    lgbtq+? in a show? sign me the fuck up please im gonna binge https://t.co/k8iyQZnFno

    People found it to be a heartwarming watch.

    im crying holy shit i love Andi Mack https://t.co/nEZKYeBQh4

    MY FUCKING HEART 😭 https://t.co/nQK1ZcvYEL

    And a lot of people spoke about how important representation is for young people.

    As much as I want to make jokes about this being me, I have to be serious and say that this is a huge step for Disney channel and I think that exposing queer ppl to kids can heve a great inpackt and it can stop kids bullying queer kids a bit. This is really great and I'm so happy https://t.co/ccCC8Q5K3N

    Props to Disney Channel for allowing this new iconic scene to air. Omg I almost want to cry. #RepresentationMatters https://t.co/QXFVJjFGXV

    In a tweet after the episode aired, the actor Joshua Rush who plays Cyrus Goodman called it a "milestone" said it was "a blessing" to work on the show.

    Every day is a blessing working on this show. This milestone is just another stitch in a rich and vibrant tapestry that is Cyrus Goodman. https://t.co/dTSBdop7UJ

    You can watch the scene in full here:

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