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Two Years Ago This Doctor Went Viral In A K-Pop Reality TV Show And He Had No Idea

It took two years for him to find out.

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Meet Ronak Arora, a 26-year-old doctor from Damoh, India.

Instagram: @dr

Arora told BuzzFeed News that he was in Mumbai two years ago with his family and he approached K-Pop idols Suho and Minho to ask them to take a photo of him not realising who they were.


He said he was sight seeing with his family in Mumbai when he came across Suho and Minho.

"I was looking for someone who would be able to click the pics without distortion and then I see these Korean guys, standing together they had cameras and some other equipment as well.

"So I thought they may be able to help me take the picture," he said.

Arora said he had no idea that a camera was recording them.

He said that his friend who watches Korean dramas came across the video and shared it with him.


"Now the first pic is quite zoomed in and I asked him if he can take the whole monument in the background."

Instagram: @dr

And that came out like this.

Instagram: @dr

Arora said that he thought the pictures came out pretty decent.

"It was great to know that they were celebrities and more so that they were so down to earth and humble," he said.

He said that since that he found out he's been watching Exo and SHINee's videos and he thinks they're wonderful.

"Even I would like to see them come again to India to a rousing welcome this time and meet them to thank them for the pic as well."

K-Pop fans found the situation pretty hilarious.

2 years later and he finally knows


And cute.

WAIT this is the picture junmyeon took for that guy, how cute

You can watch the magic moment here.

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