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    Posted on Sep 13, 2017

    Makeup Artists Are Reversing Their Winged Eyeliner And People Are Confused AF

    "When you see it."

    We all know the go-to eyeliner style for most people.

    But some makeup artists are doing their eyeliner the opposite way.

    Makeup artist Dahlia started this look off.

    Different Just tell me what to do and I'll do the opposite. 😂 @ABHcosmetics BrowWiz Ebony @Maybelline Black Gel Ey…

    And it has made people confused.

    @dahliacreates @ABHcosmetics @Maybelline I can't even do regular winging, so behind now.

    @dahliacreates @ABHcosmetics @Maybelline actual representation of my brain rn

    Dahlia also went the extra mile and did her eyeliner both ways.

    And soon afterwards other makeup artists were inspired to try it out.

    One makeup artist even flipped her eyebrow.

    People felt like they were looking at an optical illusion.

    @alicekingmakeup Girl you got me fucked up. Beautiful job

    @alicekingmakeup i tried to flip this and it got worse. huge props to you for this

    @alicekingmakeup I'm yet master winged liner and y'all out here doing reverse makeup. Dis tew much, I can't.

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