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This Girl's Pizza And Milk Combo Has Gotten People Extremely Angry

Bone apple tea.

Mariam, 20 from Dallas, Texas who didn't want to give her last name, told BuzzFeed News she got bored one day and wanted to experiment with pizza by mixing two types of dairy.

Mariam said she dipped her pizza into a cup of chocolate milk.


She said she hates pineapple on pizza and wanted to try something that sounded even more disgusting.

But she ended up preferring milk pizza.

She said while it didn't exactly taste great, it wasn't awful either.

Twitter: @hyrulecitizen

"I can confirm, milk on pizza is way better than pineapples on pizza. Milk and cheese are in the same category, whereas pineapples and cheese are complete opposites," she said.

Her experiment led to some strong opinions.

Pizza is cancelled for the rest of the year since y'all don't know how to behave

pineapple pizza doesn't even sound right to begin with and people are truly eating pizza with milk?

Mariam said she was surprised by the extreme reaction her pizza-in-milk tweet prompted.

Hope you go to hell for this

Twitter: @hyrulecitizen

"The negative responses just go on to show that people are too sensitive and will judge anything before trying it," she said.

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