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    BTS Fans Are Editing Pictures Of Kittens To Look Like Suga And It’s The Best Thing On The Internet

    "I think I'm sobbing."

    Hi, as you may all know, this is BTS member Suga aka Min Yoongi.

    Besides being a producer, rapper, and songwriter extraordinaire, Suga is also pretty much a genius who is known for revealing random facts.

    incredibly sexy of yoongi to tell us his study method is not studying at all but knowing that pachycephalosaurus is a dinosaur known as "head butting" and that having your mouth open for long periods of time can lead to temporomandibular disorders .

    And for a while now, fans have been comparing him to a cat. As of late, people have realised that for every photo he takes there's literally a photo of a cat doing a similar thing.

    there's a cat pic for every yoongi pic, a thread;

    It's getting oddly specific.

    Even in the world of animation.

    they're very serious about their job

    In June 2013, he posted a photo of a cat — which could be him essentially being psychic, but that's just a theory rn.

    This particular edit that merged Suga's selfie and a photo of a baby kitten has gone viral. It was created by @yoonvrmind in September.

    Speaking to BuzzFeed News, the 23-year-old from Brazil said that she'd made previous edits of that cat before because the "little button nose" reminds her so much of Suga's.

    @yoonvrmind said she was bored and wanted to use Yoongi's signature accessories.

    This is the selfie that @yoonvrmind based her edit on.

    And this is the photo.

    Now let's look at both photos together.

    @bts_twt / @yoonvrmind / Via http://
    @bts_twt / @yoonvrmind / Via http://
    @bts_twt / @yoonvrmind / Via http://

    People really love the edit, and a repost of it has more than 120K likes.

    @yoonvrmind said: "The response is so funny and my fave thing to do is read quote RTs of it because it's everyone losing their minds in different languages.

    "I made it initially for my friends as they were my only small group of followers, just a cute lil' joke."

    When asked if he's her bias, she said: "Yes, Yoongi is my 'bias' but OT7 always! I cherish them and their findings all so much — they're like seven mentors.

    "For me, because of my life experiences, I extremely admire Yoongi's courageous honesty with himself and his hunger for emotional intensities."

    People who have seen the edits have gotten very emotional because they're so adorable.

    I think I'm sobbing

    I'M DEVASTATED!!! 😭😭😭

    And some have been inspired to create their own edits in the same way.

    cheekies uwu (idk if anyone already did this but credits to the op for the idea) 😺

    u inspired me and i had a Vision .

    And someone has turned it into a drawing.

    Does he know about the comparisons? Nobody knows yet, but until then...

    I hope yoongi knows about the running gag “there is a cat picture for every yoongi pic”