After BTS Used This Stanford Professor's Book As Inspiration, It Became A Bestseller In Korea

    The author said: "Their songs deeply resonate with many people, not only in Korea but around the world."

    BTS's latest album, Love Yourself: Tear, features a song called "Magic Shop".

    Before the song came out, it was hinted at in a live performance in December 2017 with the quote, "A magical time is coming. Come to the Magic Shop. Now, take off your mask and open your eyes."

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    A teaser video for the song described "a psychodramatic technique that exchanges fear for a positive attitude."

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    It's from a book called Into the Magic Shop, by Stanford professor James R. Doty.

    The book has received praise in South Korea.

    K media said “@BTS_twt World View” is more cinematic than real movie. As Marvel Cinematic Universe, LY Tear has an incredible Storytelling, it’s blockbuster movie’s level, also the book “Into the Magic Shop” is one of the motives for that. #iVoteBTSBBMAs

    And became a best-seller on Korean bookstore Aladin's best-seller list.

    Doty told BuzzFeed News he found out about his book being used through someone messaging him on Twitter.

    And he tweeted them thank you.

    Thank you @BTS_twt

    Doty said prior to this he hadn't known about BTS or K-pop, as he had not been exposed to it. Since then he listened to "Magic Shop" and said he thinks the song is great.

    @BTS_twt @jamesrdotymd @N2themagicshop #intothemagicshop @BBMAs thank you for using my book as #inspiration 방탄소년단의 새 음반 LOVE YOURSELF 轉 'Tear' 에 중요한 모티브를 제공한 서적인 < 닥터 도티의 삶을 바꾸는 마술 가게 (원제 Into The Magicshop)>

    Doty said, "Clearly, BTS is very thoughtful in the creation of the music and the lyrics such that their songs deeply resonate with many people, not only in Korea but around the world.

    "The reaction to my book has always been very strong and positive in that it has a message about opening one’s heart and overcoming adversity – struggles which everyone experiences."

    Doty added, "That being said, the immense popularity of BTS and the song has not only resulted in my book becoming a best-seller in Korea, but has resulted in a dramatic increase in exposure of the book to many others around the world – boosting sales and promoting the message of the power of having an open heart and of love, which I appreciate and which is needed more than ever."

    Fans really like the book.

    reading ‘into the magic shop’ while listening to magic shop,, yes tangina this is so good


    With one fan group choosing it for their book club.

    For this month's #Namjoon101, #RMBookClub is reading Into The Magic Shop by Dr. J. Doty. This memoir discusses the importance of opening one's heart and learning to "grow through pain [and difficult circumstances]" Share your thoughts with the hashtags listed above @BTS_twt