A Radio Presenter Called A BTS Song "Noise" And BTS Fans Are Not Happy

    Fifty-one complaints have been submitted to the radio regulator over Capital Breakfast's show.

    On Monday, Capital Breakfast played BTS's song "Idol", featuring Nicki Minaj.

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    After the song was finished, presenter Roman Kemp said: "That was BTS and Nicki Minaj, that noise that you were just hearing there."

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    Hosts Vick Hope and Sonny Jay also presented the show with him.

    Hope appeared to distance herself from his comment, saying: "That song. Oh Roman, please, I didn't say anything."

    Jay said: "I thought there [were] construction workers outside."

    Kemp then went on: "BTS, we've asked them to come on the show and have a bit of a chat but we haven't heard much back yet.

    "We're trying to make it work with their diaries. It will be interesting to see if they're willing to speak to me considering the articles that have come out in the papers.

    "No, I wanna chat. It would be good to actually speak to them."

    Fans weren't happy about the comments.

    so this is what was said on capital radio this morning,, and they wonder why they haven’t heard anything back from bts about an interview... https://t.co/fspck9gZsd

    This isn't the first time Kemp has come under fire from the band's fan base.

    In May he told Metro that BTS's time to be played on the radio hadn't come yet, and questioned whether fans liked them for their music or their looks.

    Some fans claimed Kemp wouldn't have been so critical about an American or British band. In his Metro interview, he singled out the "K-pop world", saying that for fans of BTS and other bands, "It's about so much more than the singles they release. For us, it's just the music."

    I am disgusted & appalled by @romankemp’s constant disrespectful attitude towards BTS. You using your platform to say things like this defines you as a person. Shame on you! Shame on @CapitalOfficial for allowing this. Y’all can kiss that interview bye bye https://t.co/zugWtEVGgH

    "Whatever that noise was" Completely disrespectful way to act towards a song he just played on his own platform. No idea what he was trying to achieve with his (hateful) comment. If @CapitalOfficial knows though, please clear the air & help this ill mannered dj @romankemp https://t.co/PYvG3tfnnl

    DO YOU THINK THIS IS ACCEPTABLE, YOUNG MAN? Do you think you want to be remembered from people with the disrespect and mockery you're showing? Your future children will be disgusted by your behavior! If it was a US star or a well know artist, would you act like that?++ https://t.co/rWmFEfV0ON

    The fandom has organised a campaign of complaints to the radio regulator, Ofcom. BuzzFeed News has been told that it received 51 complaints regarding the episode and that it would be assessing them against the broadcasting regulations.

    here’s a link if anyone wants to send a complaint! https://t.co/FXICvHxI3j

    @BTSUKUNITE @CapitalOfficial @romankemp @Ofcom @DawBell I left my complaint. Hope this sounds right?

    BuzzFeed News has reached out to Capital Radio for comment.

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