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    This Guy Was Pranked By Mercedes After They Asked Him To Get 20 Million Retweets For A Car

    "Use your imagination and you can probably hear the engine too!"

    Meet Abdinoor Abdinoor, a 20-year-old from Maine.


    Abdinoor said he was recently inspired by the guy who tweeted Wendy's for some chicken nuggets in exchange for RTs.

    Mercedes challenged Abdinoor, who describes himself as a "social media influencer", to get 20 million retweets for a car.

    Can't believe they responded.. HELP ME OUT GUYS!! This is awesome

    He said that he already has a car and wanted to gift the Mercedes to his mum.

    Abdinoor said "I thought 'wow, it's cool to see so many people support a movement, I think I can do something similar with something I like'".

    Abdinoor's tweet got to 5,000 retweets in a couple of hours and that's when Mercedes messaged him to reveal that it was a prank.

    Abdinoor didn't get it at first as he offered to give them his address.

    But Mercedes said it was delivered to his DMs 💀.

    He said he was disappointed at the joke.

    #BoycottMercedes fuck your brand @MBUSA

    Abdinoor said, "Didn't expect to get trolled by a major company like that. I assumed they'd ignore me before messing with me like that."

    He said that Mercedes haven't said anything to him since.

    Some people didn't support the idea.

    @Abdinoorx2 @AyoJaguda @MBUSA Good, go get a job and buy your own car and stop with this RT nonsense lol

    And some found it funny.

    @luisgarciam131 @Abdinoorx2 @MBUSA bro Mercedes did him wrong 😂😂 I was dying

    Abdinoor said "Everyone's either salty for me, or absolutely dying. It's a hilarious situation so I don't blame them. I mean, what company goes out of their way to prank someone so hard."

    BuzzFeed have reached out to Mercedes USA for comment.

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