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    Supreme Sold A Brick And People Absolutely Lost Their Minds

    Yes, an actual brick. Which is now apparently worth $1,000.

    Today, Supreme, the skateboarding shop and clothing brand, announced the launch of a very ~unique~ item.

    It's a brick.

    Honestly, just a brick.

    someone beat me with a Supreme brick so i can die in style

    And it sold out within minutes online.


    Now it's being resold all over eBay and Depop.

    People are actually reselling them for up to $1,000.

    The line outside the Supreme store in London was quite long, although not everyone was there for the brick.

    Ikran Dahir / BuzzFeed

    Joshua Sales and Jim Russell each got a brick and they were very happy about it.

    Ikran Dahir / BuzzFeed

    Sales told BuzzFeed News he usually buys items from Supreme and that the brick will look nice on his bedside table.

    Ikran Dahir / BuzzFeed

    Russell said that he previously purchased a Supreme basketball for £90.

    Although the brick comes bubble wrapped...

    Ikran Dahir / BuzzFeed

    ...someone already appears to have broken theirs.

    Some people were asking this question:

    Honest question...what are you doing with the Supreme brick you buy tomorrow?

    This could be one use.

    Or this.

    i was gonna buy the supreme brick drill a hole in it and make a chain and wear it everywhere

    Or maybe even this.

    You could even use them to build a house, if you're very, very rich.

    Ikran Dahir is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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