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People Are Loving That Mahershala Ali And Halima Aden Are On Magazine Covers

As you may know it's Ramadan this month, and black Muslims have been brought to the forefront in the best way.

For Allure magazine's American beauty edition this month, Somali-American model Halima Aden was the cover star.

Talking to Allure, Aden said her modest fashion protects her from body-shaming.

Halima said she is "beyond grateful" for the shoot.

In the same month, American Muslim actor Mahershala Ali was on the cover of GQ Magazine's July edition.

He spoke about race, and having the capacity to make America great.

Ali also put together a summer playlist.

Of course Mahershala Ali has fantastic taste in music.

Aden taught young Muslim girls how to model.

Watch #Allure cover model @Kinglimaa teach young Muslim girls to model:

And people are very happy for her.

You represent a new chapter in modeling history, and I'm very happy for you! You deserve everything that's happenin…

Every time I see Halima Aden on my TL

Including model Gigi Hadid.

YES BABY ! So proud of everything you're accomplishing. Stay graceful and kind. You're a star @Kinglimaa

And Zendaya.


A lot of people made the connection that two black Muslims are completely killing it right now.

Black Muslims gracing covers this week.

Yo can we talk about how the covers of two of the most famous magazines' American Edition are black muslims! This i…