This BTS Fan Created A Project To Empower Black Fans And People Are Loving It

    "No one should be bashed for being different."

    Meet Elismarie Ortiz, a 15-year-old student from Kissimmee, Florida.

    Ortiz is a part of ARMY, the fandom for the K-pop group BTS.

    Ortiz told BuzzFeed News she created the #BlackArmyBeauty project after she noticed black fans getting negative and racist messages.

    The hashtag we will be using is #blackarmybeauty. If you want to support our Black Armies please change your profile pictures to this flower. This is a Protea King, it means diversity and courage. The half filter on the flower symbolizes our unity. Spread Love & Positivity♡

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    Ortiz herself isn't black but said she created the project because of the anonymous racist messages her friend was geting.

    "She had a lot of negative thoughts about herself when she saw them. I wanted to do something to change this.

    "I wanted this to be an impactful project and hopefully start a change in this fandom so that more Armies could speak out against racism."

    Ortiz said: "I was happy to see a lot people supporting this project and responding with such kind words. This hashtag grew into something so beautiful with beautiful words and faces."

    You do you bby ❤❤ #blackarmybeauty loud and proud 👏👏👏 — Thanks bb ♡♡

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    People really like the project.

    Absolutely love the fact that this fan base is full of so many different ethnicities, colors, religion. No one should be bashed for being different. Spread love to each other 💓#blackarmybeauty

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    And called it the most beautiful thing they've seen.

    #blackarmybeauty The most beautiful hashtag That I ever seen, Because there’s some gorgeous creatures Just like this flower💞✔️

    Fans have been sharing selfies.

    Thanks to Pied Piper I know I can love my boys and still do well in school :))) #BlackArmyBeauty

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    #BlackArmyBeauty go suckerpunch your local racist today

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    #BlackArmyBeauty I love this message this is sending out in the midst of all the hate I see on my tl Please spread love and positivity to everyone, it is needed especially in a world where hate is so easily overlooked in order to avoid conflict Love Yourself Love Others

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    And said they're proud to be fans of BTS.

    I’m proud to be a black ARMY and support My 7 kings. #blackarmybeauty

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    Sorry I’m late for #blackarmybeauty

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    I didn’t know we would be doing this today so here’s yours truly brushing her teeth #blackarmybeauty

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    #blackarmybeauty Just a black army that’s trying to be supportive of her favorite group.

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    Y’all didn’t tell me there was a #BlackArmyBeauty tag LORDT 😩💕

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    "It truly was an honor to be able to have the voice to spread awareness in this fandom. The project grew into something greater than I could've ever imagined and it is amazing," Ortiz said.

    If anyone wants to ask me questions/talk about what Black Army have been experiencing as of last, feel free to ask! Also, my best selfie ever. No makeup, just got out of the hair salon. Thank you great lighting! #BlackArmyBeauty

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