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    Harry Styles Said He Has Never Had A Sheep Placenta Facial And He Can't Talk About The Obama Affair Rumour


    Some time ago, there were rumours that Harry Styles had an affair with Barack Obama.

    Barack Obama AND Harry Styles are in New York you know what that means

    And that he uses sheep placenta for facials.

    So Harry Styles swears by a £325 sheep placenta facial! Bargain!

    Talking to Nick Grimshaw on BBC's Radio 1 Breakfast Show on Friday, Styles said he has never had a sheep placenta facial and that he's not allowed to talk about the alleged affair with Obama. 👀

    BBC Radio 1

    Grimshaw told Styles that when you Google search sheep placenta, Styles comes up, to which the singer replied: "That’s weird. That would be so confusing as a school child.”

    Grimshaw also asked Styles about the National Examiner story which claimed Styles had an affair with Obama. "We’ve found a website that has got millions of them [rumours]," Grimshaw said. "One of them is the National Examiner releasing info about President Obama having an affair with Harry Styles… when you see that on the internet, do you pay attention to it or find it annoying?”

    Styles replied: "[I'm] actually not allowed to talk about that." When Grimshaw joked that the former US President was outside, Styles shouted: "Barack!", before adding "he's waiting for me".

    Fans found the whole thing pretty hilarious.

    Harry: "i never got a sheep placenta on my face, never got facial like that" grimmy: " you never let the sheep... ?" IM SCREAMING

    "Did a sheep give birth to Harry Styles' face" Lmaoooo please Grimmy! 😂 @grimmers

    And wild.

    You can listen to the full interview here.

    BBC Radio 1

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