A Woman Drove Through The Streets Of South Korea And Littered It With $14,000 Worth Of Cash

    God's plan.

    According to news agency Yonhap News, 15.8 million won ($14,020) has been recovered by local police from the streets of Daegu, South Korea, after a woman was spotted throwing cash out of her car.

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    On Thursday morning, the unnamed woman made her way through the city while driving a “luxury” car and generously littering the streets with cash.

    She drove to 11 different places between 7:25am and 8am, making it rain along the way, the report said.

    Police sent to the scene where the viral video was shot recovered 300,000 won ($266), and larger amounts of cash were found separately in a supermarket parking lot.

    That hasn't stopped locals hoping that the mystery good Samaritan will pass through their neighbourhood.

    "Sprinkle some in front of my house," said one commenter.

    "Seoul city, please."

    And people have compared the driver to Santa. They commented, "Santa is coming in summer in Dae-ji."

    Officers have said they will be holding on to the cash for now, as the woman can still lay claim to it.