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    A Troll Called This Teen A Potato On Instagram And People Are Sending Her Heartwarming Messages

    "You're beautiful. Skin popping, hair laid. Haters gone hate."

    Meet Justice Jefferson, a 19 year old student from Houston, Texas.


    She told BuzzFeed News that she posted four selfies that went viral.

    And then someone tagged her in a photo on Instagram with a potato edited onto her face with the caption, "Damn @JusticeTierney you thicc but you built like a potato".

    when will people get that i already know i look like a potato?

    "I've been called a potato before so I didn't really take offence to it. i thought it was actually kind of funny," she said, and added that she didn't report the photo because it didn't anger her.

    She believes that other people did report the photo, as it was eventually taken down.

    But the account then came back with new edited photos of Jefferson.

    And soon afterwards the account went private.

    he got tired of y'all comin for him πŸ˜‚

    After people saw Jefferson's tweet, they started sending her compliments.

    Twitter: @sincerelyremina

    She said most of the comments were positive, and that she enjoyed the attention even if she wasn't used to it.

    "It's really heart warming," she continued:

    "But there were also negative ones. at first i found myself answering them and defending myself but I realised nothing I said would change their minds so I stopped."

    "I also got a lot of comments saying I should 'think more highly of myself', and I think they completely misunderstood what my comments meant – I wasn't putting myself down, simply taking everything with a grain of salt, honestly unbothered. Who doesn't love potatoes?"

    One of the the tweets defending Jefferson went viral and the teenager said "it felt good to have such positivity surrounding me."

    Twitter: @curlyheadjackyy

    "I even had a few plus-size models comment on my photos, both this viral tweet and the previous related one, and being an aspiring plus size model it really felt amazing. The only thing I could possibly say negatively was how much the notifications were messing up my phone," Jefferson said.

    @JusticeTierney GIRL YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY STUNNING DON'T LISTEN TO THOSE LITTLE BOYS πŸ’– if you were a potato i'd eat yo…

    @JusticeTierney No omg you're so gorgeous and your skin is flawless 😍🌹

    As a message to plus-sized girls, Jefferson said: "You are beautiful, you are enough and you always will be."

    Justice Jefferson / Via Twitter: @JusticeTierney, Via Twitter: @JusticeTierney

    "We have to be here for each other and lift each other up and that also goes for all women not just big girls.. all women. Don't let people bring you down. be unapologetically you at all times. love yourselves unconditionally and eternally," she added.

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