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Posted on Jun 10, 2017

This Guy Said He Would "Eat His Book" If Corbyn Got 38% Of The Vote And The Internet Made Him Do It

"If you want a pictorial representation of the impact of the general election on the UK political world then this is hard to beat."

Matthew Goodwin, a professor and co-author of Brexit: Why Britain Voted to Leave the European Union, tweeted last month that he would happily eat his book if Labour did well under Jeremy Corbyn.

I'm saying this out loud. I do not believe that Labour, under Jeremy Corbyn, will poll 38%. I will happily eat my new Brexit book if they do

Labour ended up doing better than expected in the election, getting 40% of the vote, and people demanded Goodwin live up to his promise.

They wouldn't let it go.

dont usually do these things but what the heck @GoodwinMJ

Theresa May says that to secure a stable brexit for hardworking families, you need to eat one book. Just one… https://t.co/VB1k0DVAUo

Goodwin said that people were screaming at him to eat the book.

3 hours sleep in 36 hours & Corbynistas screaming at me to eat my book. This day is bleak. Still, Westminster looki… https://t.co/dkSWDjG2rJ

Then he announced he would eat his book live on TV.

Ok. You win. I will be eating my book on Sky News at 4.30pm.

And said he would donate the fee from Sky to charity.

I'll donate the contribution fee to the Motor Neurone Association. It wd be nice if viewers cd drop them a £ or two… https://t.co/9iQh0ndS8y

He went on air and people were glued to their screens.

My entire timeline is fixated on whether or not he's going to eat the book.

People began to lose hope because he was just talking about the election, and not eating the book.

the man will cop out all "look, we all raised some money for charity which is much better than eating a book". Nonsense. eat the book

If Matthew Goodwin doesn't eat the book he will have pulled of a masterful troll, keeping us all inside on a nice day like this.

This man just ate (some of) his book live on Sky News after making an incorrect #GE2017 prediction @GoodwinMJ

But then he delivered, tearing a page out of the book and putting it in his mouth, chewing happily.

And the internet rejoiced.

'is there a single image that sums up the general election for you?'


If you want a pictorial representation of the impact of the general election on the UK political world then this is… https://t.co/cDyp8OVtiD

Fair play. @GoodwinMJ fulfilled his promise, ate his book and is donating to the Motor Neurone Assoc. So I am too..… https://t.co/voWgFxt5O2

Though he did not eat the whole book.

matthew goodwin: *eats a couple of pages of the book* me: the ::whole:: book, matthew.

Yo, if I catch any of you saying he ate the book when he clearly spat it out I'm blocking you like the cowards and traitors you are

And whether he actually ~ate~ the book, we don't know.

@tara_mulholland Unfortunately, he took the paper out of his mouth before leaving the studio. Whether he ingested p… https://t.co/2ilTbCBV6W

Ladies and gentlemen, the 2017 general election.

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