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A Singer Used Sign Language To Communicate With A Deaf Fan And People Are Touched

A member of Mamamoo has been praised for her use of sign language.

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Mamamoo are a four-member K-pop band based in South Korea that formed in 2014.

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Last week they had a fan meeting in Seoul, where one of their members, Wheein, used sign language to communicate with a deaf fan.

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You can see it from the 9-second mark.

According to this Tumblr post, the fan said she was grateful that Wheein had got up from her seat to listen to her and that she had used the signs almost syllable by syllable to ensure the fan could understand.

It's unclear where she learned it, but Wheein has been seen using sign language before: She used it on a livestream last year.

Fans found the interaction between the fan and Wheein heartwarming.

@2younggirls @jypcrumbs awwwwwwwww this is so heartwarming T.T

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wow the way mamamoo interacted with their deaf fan is honestly one of the most sweetest things i have ever seen, i teared up a bit

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