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21 Delicious Halal Eats Around London

For when you're tired of eating vegetarian food.

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1. Bintang

Instagram: @bintang_restaurant

Located in Camden Town, Bintang is a Pan-Asian restaurant that has been around for over 25 years. Their menu includes dishes like chicken liver popcorn, nasi goreng, and katsu chicken.

Make sure to take advantage of happy hour from 5pm to 7pm on Mondays to Thursdays to get selected starters and mains for £10.

2. Pie Republic

Instagram: @pierepublic

If you've always wanted to have some halal pie, then Pie Republic in Forest Gate is the place to be. They serve pies that are made daily on site and cost around £8 each.

You can order either a more "traditional" pie recipe such as the Royal Victoria or a Shepherd of Shimla, which they have described as a "shepherd's pie with a kick".

3. Cabana

Instagram: @cabanabrasil

Cabana is a Brazilian barbecue chain with restaurants across the UK and also one of the few to serve halal dishes.

A dish could set you back anything from £8 to around £20. It is also important to note that not all of the meals are halal but they do serve halal chicken, ribeye, and lamb.

4. Maximini

Instagram: @mybigfathalalblog_

Maximini restaurant serves a fusion of Chinese food and Malaysian herbs and it was first opened by designer Jimmy Choo.

They have described their chef's cooking as "good enough to make celebs' eyebrows rise".

Even though the restaurant was opened by a designer, it doesn't have designer prices. A typical dish costs around £10 with the most expensive being £17.

5. Sugar Mill Desserts

Instagram: @halal_girl

Don't let their name fool you, because Sugar Mill Desserts doesn't just serve desserts. If you actually want to eat food before your dessert, there is plenty on offer.

But it's understandable why someone would go just for the desserts.

Instagram: @aseemajamadar

6. Dishoom

Instagram: @alexcapadose

Dishoom is an authentic Indian restaurant that has spiked in popularity after a blogger or two posted about it on Instagram.

It is a restaurant that you can literally spend all day in (if it's in your budget of course). They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Sometimes it can have queues going outside, so if you are in a big group it would be best to reserve ahead.

7. Beirut Nights

Instagram: @beirutnights

Hidden away in Park Royal, Beirut Nights is a Lebanese restaurant that not only does great food but also serves desserts.

The restaurant boasts a long list of celebrity visits, from Emeli Sandé to Anthony Joshua.

8. Bird

Instagram: @bird_restaurant

Situated in Camden, Bird serves fried chicken like you haven't seen before. The chicken is all free-range and you can choose from a selection of glazes. You can try the infamous chicken and waffle or a burger with a twist like the West Coast.

They also have a "doughnut hatch" with a limited supply of fresh doughnuts every day.

9. Brioche Burger

Instagram: @briocheburger

Brioche Burger is a restaurant that is known more for its breakfasts than for its burgers, but that's only because halal breakfast places are hard to come by.

It is the only place in London to serve HMC-certified, grass-fed Abderdeen Angus that has been aged for 21 days.

10. Yalla Yalla

Instagram: @healthfoody

Yalla Yalla, meaning "come on" or "hurry up" in Arabic, is a Lebanese restaurant with several restaurants in west and central London. The restaurant was first opened in 2008 and due to its popularity they decided to expand and add two more locations.

If you're familiar with authentic Lebanese cuisine, you will find the usual suspects on the menu such as moussaka and shawarma.

Each of the restaurants has a slightly different menu, so you should check ahead before you visit.

11. Stax Diner

Instagram: @staxdiner

Stax Diner is right in the heart of Soho and is the best place in London to try American food. Aside from the burgers and chicken, the menu has "Southern specialities" and a Stax challenge. It also tells you to ask about their secret menu, but only ask if you'd be ready to dance for it.

12. Hoppers

Instagram: @hopperslondon

This one's named after a Sri Lankan breakfast food also known as aappa, made out of coconut and rice. It's based in the heart of London and is another one of those restaurants where you can't reserve, but it's definitely worth queueing.

13. Red Iron Burger

Instagram: @feedthelion

Located in Uxbridge, Red Iron Burger makes all its burgers by hand and is probably one of the cheapest places to go for burgers. If you're feeling adventurous they have three challenges and if you win you get your photo on their wall of fame. Be warned, though: Someone has been taken away in an ambulance before.

14. Guanabana

Instagram: @bees__eats

This is one of the first Latin Caribbean restaurants in London and it's all 100% halal. You'll be able to sample dishes like curry goat and jerk chicken. But the meals are slightly on the expensive side with the average price for a dish being £15.

15. Steakout

Instagram: @steakout

The interior at Steakout follows a meat house theme with cowhides decorating the restaurant. If you're not into steak there are loads of other options available: You can opt for a burger, a pie, or a salad.

16. Khans

Instagram: @marisacastineira

Khans has been open since 1977 and serves Indian food with over 70 dishes available to choose from. It is also very family friendly as the kids dishes have been altered to contain a milder spice.

17. Tagine

Instagram: @tagine_restaurant

For delicious Moroccan food, you'll need to visit the south of London to find Tagine. Not only are the dishes Moroccan, but the interior is said to be reminiscent of an authentic Moroccan restaurant.

18. Spicy Basil

Instagram: @halal_girl

This Thai restaurant is great for eating on a budget. If you're visiting at peak times, you will notice how popular this restaurant is as the queue will be quite long.

It's pretty small and the wait could be long sometimes. However, there is always the option of takeaway.

19. Tinseltown

Instagram: @stephaniechan14

It opened in 1996 but its popularity skyrocketed sometime in 2010, which led to more branches across the UK. Tinseltown is a family-friendly restaurant that serves everything an American diner should have, from milkshakes to burgers. The walls in all of its branches have dozens of photos of celebrities who may or may not have actually visited.

20. Banana Tree

Instagram: @kishkash1

Serving Pan-Asian food, Banana Tree is an award-winning restaurant that first opened its doors in 1991. They serve a range of tasty Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, and Singaporean dishes.

Although it offers halal food in all of its restaurants, it is only the Bayswater branch that has no pork on its menu.

21. Jungle Braai

Instagram: @kingabzcooks

Having only been around since 2008, this East End restaurant serves South African cuisine and it is incredibly popular. Its founder actually went all the way to South Africa to make sure that the food is authentic.

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