17 Struggles That Are Way Too Real For Anyone With A Hijab

    "Got 99 hijab pins and I can't find one."

    1. Looking up to all the older girls and waiting for your "hijab puberty".

    Hijab puberty was a big deal man 😩😂👏🏾

    Twitter: @AnabeysWorld

    2. Constantly fighting the wind.

    When the wind blows her hijab off but squad got her back

    Twitter: @drownXBL

    3. Having to do a U-turn when you haven't got your scarf on.

    When a hijabi enters her drawing room without wearing hijab and see some unexpected male guests.

    Twitter: @Aabia_

    4. Or when you haven't got time to grab a scarf so you just use anything that you can find.

    "When you wanna take a picture but you can't find your hijab so you put on the first thing you see"

    Twitter: @marziabegumm

    5. When the sun comes out and you're left with unsightly tan lines across your face.

    I took my nieces to the park for 20 minutes, come back and I've got a hijab tan line and they're 2 shades darker wow

    Twitter: @_afrixzn1

    6. Trying to eat food without it landing in your scarf.

    Good thing my hijab acts as a bib to catch all the food I might drop during lunch. B/c crusted rice is a rly cute accessory #SaidNobodyEver

    7. Having to deal with people who think your scarf is waterproof.

    Me: oh it's raining a lot i need an umbrella Woman at gym: but you have that scarf thing??

    8. And putting up with questions about your dress sense.


    "I'm sorry are you my personal shopper? Are you gonna go shopping for me?"

    9. Constantly losing hijab pins.

    Got 99 hijab pins and I can't find one

    They're like socks, they just keep disappearing.

    10. And sometimes finding them in a dangerous place.

    I just found a hijab pin sticking out my pillow I could've died today😭😭😠😒

    11. Or a really random place.

    I just found a hijab pin in my freezer and idk why I can't stop laughing 😭😭😭😂😂😂

    12. Having to be super careful when putting in a hijab pin.

    13. When you want to return a snap to bae but your scarf is already off.

    when he snapchats you but you already took your hijab off

    14. And technology not quite helping you out on that front yet.

    Ok but do u know how much easier my life would be if snapchat had a hijab filter

    15. So having to find more and more ways to be creative with your selfie taking.

    16. Getting an amazing haircut but not being able to show anyone.

    17. And finally, having a bad hijab day.